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Yenh is trysexual open to all kinds of people.

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Name: Casey
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Name: Yenh Quryoja
Canon: Final Fantasy XIV
Age: 26
Suitability: Yenh always goes with the flow. News that she's in a new realm that is Very Sexy, Indeed would only trouble her because it means being away from her duties as Warrior of Light. Otherwise, she's extremely quick to adapt. The fact that her new situation is strangely erotic would be fine with her, though it would take some getting used to if only thanks to some amount of culture shock— she's been essentially living in and rubbing elbows with Catholic Elf Land for the past several months. Given her propensity to embrace the strange and new, though, she'll be touching butts with the best of them before long.
Species: Miqo'te—a cat lady, more or less. She has really good hearing and night vision.
Canon Point: Patch 3.56 (The Far Edge of Fate)
History: Yenh is the Warrior of Light—a player-character malleable protagonist. As such, she's most appropriately considered an AU, and canon offers an easy way to handwave the issue (canon characters are unable to remember the faces and names of the Warriors of Light of the past, so that may be applicable again here too). However, her history follows the overall canon plot: an adventurer comes to Eorzea and is chosen by the goddess Hydaelyn to be Her champion. As the Warrior of Light's strength grows, as does her renown and the demand that she aid the realm in every way possible. It takes her into aiding the poorest of folks and into the service of the wealthiest of nobles; everything from slaying "gods" and ending wars, to picking up scattered firewood for some guy who can't be bothered. I am going into further detail in her personality section, however.
Personality: Yenh single-mindedly dedicates herself to her role as Hydaelyn's Champion, the Warrior of Light... even knowing it will one day cost her life. To understand Yenh, you have to know that she first immigrated to Eorzea in her youth to study alchemy in Ul'dah. It was there that she learned she had the Goddess' gift, the "Echo," and she began to meet others with that same ability. It was also around then that she discovered a knack for the magical school of thaumaturgy. However, when the quintessential "Evil" Empire came knocking and threatened to drop an actual moon on everyone, Yenh did not answer that door. In fact, she ran the other way, and ducked out a back window, and hopped the fence.

From her homeland, she watched the moon descend and finally burst. For the next five years, she heard horrific tales of death and destruction caused by the so-called Calamity. She became convinced that, had she stayed, things would have turned out fine. Her survivor's guilt crushed her, giving her sleepless days and nights filled with a swirl of self-loathing. The Goddess' power could not reach her due to Other Circumstances, but to Yenh, she thought she was forsaken. And so, after years of decline in her mental health and against her family's pleading, she returned to Eorzea. Only... no one remembered her. Former allies and peers looked upon her as a total stranger.

Suffice to say, that didn't do her mental state any favors.

When Hydaelyn subsequently implored Yenh to return to the fold and become Her champion, the heartbroken and traumatized miqo'te woman accepted the duty without question. From that day forward, Yenh became relentless in serving Hydaelyn's will above all, but she also allowed her mortal allies to pile more and more tasks upon her increasingly capable shoulders. The challenges she faced forged her into a powerful Black Mage, and enabled her to push her humanity further and further into the background hum of her own life.

As a result, Yenh has learned to completely stifle pain and loneliness behind the mask of an affable and reliable hero, filled with energy and a love of adventure. She's a good listener and a trustworthy confidant, but doesn't shy away from cracking wise and teasing (and flirting) when appropriate. She is eager to "befriend" everyone and anyone who wants her around (and sometimes people who don't), though it rarely ever grows to be an especially deep relationship. She cherishes those closest to her and counts on their presence in her life, but keeps them at arm's length. Most don't even notice she's doing it, since she's very, very good at just playing up being The Happy Selfless Hero. In other words, Yenh has an inner Angsty Loner who she keeps hidden under a pile of party balloons.

This has been made all the worse by recent deaths and partings with allies. Each loss has pushed her harder and harder. It is even worse that some of those deaths were in service to her—it's a huge burden to know others have died to ensure she lived, but at least Yenh reasons she can make their sacrifices worthwhile by using this chance to live longer in order to save everyone else. In true fashion, she swallows down her pain and keeps fighting, often not even allowing herself time to truly mourn or react. Haurchefant's death was the exception; he was the closest thing she had to a true friend. She held his hand as he died, having used his body to shield her from a blow that would have destroyed her. His death continues to feel the most painful of all, and she carries it too-close to the front of her mind for her own comfort.

Despite her steadfast dedication to the realm, Yenh does not trust her own judgement in how to go about best protecting it (other than "do absolutely everything and never delegate"). She relies on her allies to point her in the right direction. As she does possess unwavering stubbornness and willingness to do whatever is asked of her, this means she often ends up in dangerous situations of increasingly absurd magnitude... or sometimes, things so petty that it seems absurd that it was asked of her at all.

Others have often expressed disgust at her allies' willingness to throw her at any and all problems, but Yenh has never once protested that treatment. In her mind, they have a better sense of how to go about handling the matter of saving the realm; she's just the best sword and shield with which to accomplish it all. As far as Yenh is concerned, if she doesn't avert every possible crisis, then she has failed everyone.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Being the Warrior of Light has perks: in addition to making her extra resilient compared to regular folks, the "Echo" gives her the ability to talk to people regardless of their language, and she can occasionally see glimpses of people's memories. It is wholly unintentional and accidental. Also, Yenh is a Black Mage. On the downside, she overworks and overextends herself—often going without sleep and eating really badly. She gladly throws herself into incredibly dangerous situations. On the emotional end of things, it freaks her out when people get close to realizing just how lonely and sad and twisted up inside she is. It is also extremely easy to sweep her up into stupid nonsense, especially when someone More Responsible isn't supervising her, which is honestly both a blessing and a curse.

Also, this is 100% canon fact, she gives really good massages.

Yenh takes Aymeric on a vacation and sexy danger ensues.

The brass-and-glass machine groaned and hissed as Yenh adjusted the pressure. The last thing she wanted was to send her brand new alembic off on a journey to become one with the stone wall of the Guild laboratory. Strictly speaking, she knew she shouldn't brew this particular potion—she'd had no experience with the ingredients beyond reading up on their basic properties. There was no way she could figure out why they interacted so poorly. At this stage, the potion should be simmering, not congealing.

With a sigh, her tail drooped. Yenh decided to call it quits. This was a failure. She couldn't understand exactly where she went wrong, as she felt like a newborn trying to understand a wiseman's words before even learning the sound of her mother's voice. Still, though, it wasn't as if she had spent a single gil on this attempt. The potion was comprised of salvaged and scavenged ingredients from her fellow alchemists—things they'd been discarding. While doing her novice cleaning duties, Yenh had gathered and meticulously sorted and identified every scrap of ingredient she could find.

Looking at the alembic again, she nibbled at her lip. "Maybe the materials themselves were spoiled, or contaminated...?" Yenh brightened up. There was something she can learn after all. "Ah! I'll save up for fresh ingredients and try again!"

Beaming with delight, ears and tail perked to match, the young miqo'te placed her hand on the release of the alembic. At once she realized her mistake, but that reaction was only enough to save her hand. There was a sharp bang that she more felt than heard. And she more felt than heard her colleagues rushing to her side. All she could see was red, and she knew she was laying on the floor. Not that she remembered laying down, and she couldn't properly yell at the others for holding her there.

Then there was the blissful tingling feeling of healing potion mending flesh she hadn't noticed being cut. It splashed across her face and on her upper body in generous proportions. The buzzing faded and and gave way to muffled voices, and then to clear questions about her health.

"I'm alright," Yenh reassured the worried alchemists around her. "Just fine! That's what I get for dabbling ahead of myself, I suppose."

Though something did seem off. A bit unbalanced. Worried that she hit her head, Yenh raised a hand up to count her fingers. No problem with her head, but it did help her understand. She moved it slowly back and forth in front of her face—right to left. From her familiar palm... to blurs and streaks of light, color, and shadow.

"Oh, hells. I need a chirurgeon."


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